Equal Pay and Workplace Practices

The Women’s Collaborative for Colorado (WCC) believes that women and other diverse populations deserve to be paid equally in the workplace, including promotions, benefits and other factors contributing to an employee’s salary and have the benefit of competitive workplace practices that support women and families, including paid leave and other practices.

Childcare and Early Childhood Education

WCC believes that every family should have access to quality, affordable childcare to support self-sufficiency for the family and the benefit of high quality learning and development experiences to put children on track for future success.

Women’s Health and Safety

WCC believes that every woman has the right to make individual choices regarding her own reproductive health and the privacy to do so and deserves to be safe in her community, workplace and home.

Education and Workplace Development

WCC believes education is a key driver of economic growth and a catalyst for empowering women. WCC supports access to affordable education leading to equitable employment opportunities benefiting individuals, families and Colorado’s economic growth.

State Fiscal Policy

The WCC believes that fiscal policy reform is essential to create an environment of growth and prosperity in Colorado for both our communities and our citizens.

Supporting Member Organizations

  • AAUW of Colorado – American Association of University Women of Colorado
  • BPW – Business and Professional Women – Colorado
  • League of Women Voters – Colorado
  • 9to5 – National Association of Working Women – Colorado Chapter
  • Women in the Boardroom