I have been working with Bill Jaeger from the Colorado Children’s Campaign to understand some of the legislation that is proposed this session which addresses various aspects of Childcare in Colorado.  I am sharing this information with you as I know many of the Women’s Collaborative members want to provide more specific support and advocacy on these issues.  I have attached the list of all the known efforts for this session.  You will see some are further along than others.

Bill has also provided a Fact Sheet and a Logic document regarding one particular effort, CCAP Eligibility Criteria for Teen Parents and Domestic Violence Victims  that is underway. If you are interested in having your organization listed as a supporter of this legislation, please email Bill at bill@coloradokids.org  and he will add your group as a supporter and also keep you in the loop on progress.

There are several other legislative or budget efforts underway that Bill and his colleagues are working on that may need our support, and I will be forwarding them on as he makes them available.

Please share this within your organizations and with colleagues who may be interested. This is a great way to collaborate and connect our efforts to drive important change to the Childcare landscape in Colorado.