Our Mission: We seek to educate and activate the women of Colorado to become involved, influential citizens, guiding our state lawmakers as they define and create a positive, sustainable framework for our future.

Our Vision: Colorado women will have a powerful and influential place at the table of state decision making.

We are a collective of both women's funding and member organizations whose mission is to raise the awareness and visibility of women as an important constituent group in Colorado by:

  • Leveraging common interests and resources
  • Raising the level of awareness and activism of our constituent member groups
  • Providing consistent messaging on selected topics
  • Creating influence through the power of numbers

Our current areas of strategic focus and scope are:

  • Pay Equity and Workplace Practices
  • Colorado State Budget/Fiscal Reform
  • Women's Health
  • Education

WCC represents:

  • Over 30 organizations with annual budgets surpassing $5.4 million
  • More than 15,500 constituents
  • 548 business members
  • Annual investments in women and girls of $1.5 million